Mid-century Modern Hacks: Transforming an IKEA SKOGSTA Bench into a Modern Wall Clock


living room with wall clock

When it comes to Ikea hacks and midcentury modern, I’ve been known to try a few, well let’s just say, new ideas. One such transformation involves the versatile IKEA SKOGSTA bench. Originally designed as a sturdy seating option, this bench can be reimagined into a striking vertical wall clock.

The bench has interesting qualities. It’s solid Acacia wood and it has an open split right down the center.

For awhile I was not sure what to use for the long pendulum. Then, I found an old automobile oil dipstick in the garage. PERFECT!


Here’s how you can achieve this stylish and functional decor piece.

Materials Needed:


•Clock mechanism

•Clock face-  This can be made of anything or even another clock.

•Long pendulum

•Wood stain or paint (optional)

•Screws and anchors

•Measuring tape



Clock parts

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Preparation:

Begin by gathering all your materials. Ensure you have a suitable space to work on and protect surfaces with a drop cloth or newspaper.

2. Disassembling the Bench:

The IKEA SKOGSTA bench is typically used horizontally, so the first step is to repurpose it for vertical use. Remove any legs or additional parts that might interfere with mounting the bench vertically on the wall.

3. Mounting the Clock Mechanism:

Identify the top of the bench where you want to place the clock. Mark the center point and use a drill to create a hole for the clock mechanism. Attach the clock mechanism securely using screws. Ensure it is centered and straight.

4. Attaching the Pendulum:

Below the clock mechanism, measure and mark the desired length for your pendulum. Drill a small hole or use an existing one if available. Attach the pendulum so that it hangs freely and aligns with the center of the clock. Ensure the pendulum is long enough to create a visual balance with the length of the bench.

5. Finishing Touches:

If you wish to customize the look further, consider staining or painting the bench to match your home decor. Allow sufficient drying time before proceeding.

6. Mounting the Bench on the Wall:

Decide on the perfect spot to display your new vertical wall clock. Use a level to ensure the bench is straight. Mark the wall for the mounting screws or anchors. Drill the necessary holes and secure the bench to the wall using sturdy screws and anchors to support the weight.

7. Final Adjustments:

Once mounted, make any final adjustments to the clock mechanism and pendulum to ensure they are working correctly. Check that the pendulum swings freely and that the clock keeps accurate time.


Your transformed IKEA SKOGSTA bench is now a unique vertical wall clock, blending functionality with style. This DIY project not only repurposes an existing piece of furniture but also adds a bespoke touch to your home decor. Whether in a living room, hallway, or office, this wall clock is sure to be a conversation starter and a testament to your creative ingenuity.

Enjoy the blend of Scandinavian simplicity and modern design with your new vertical wall clock!